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Know Your Audience

If You Know Your Audience You Can...

  • Target Marketing

  • Identify Donors

  • Understand Changes in your Community

  • Recognize Trends in Attendance

But How Do I do That? 

Best for:

Free Events

Live Information

Small Budgets

There are two major ways arts organizations collect audience data​

Best for:

Ticketed Events

Long Term Trends

Medium to Large Budgets



Audience surveys can take many shapes.  The survey at the right is a demographic survey, but questions can be tailored to answer any questions you may have about your organization. 


For example

  • A marketing survey may ask where a patron learned of your event or where they get their event information.

  • A fundraising survey may ask about other organizations they frequent or the type of events they enjoy.

  • A programming survey may ask opinions of the event.

No matter what information your want to learn, a well tailored and simple audience survey can help you find the answers.

Free  Downloadable Sample Survey

Use this file to have a Demographic survey to hand out to patrons at your events.

Use This File to Enter all your Surveys and get results.



CRM stands for Customer Resource Management.  A CRM  (or patron database) takes the guesswork out of fundraising and audience development by:

 - Keeping track of who is seeing your art

 - Separating donors from season ticket holders from individual ticket buyers.

 - Showing you which constituents have the most buy in to your art and would be most likely to contribute.

 - Creating reports of age and demographic information to tell you who your audience is.

 - Creating mailing lists.

 - Storing constituent demographic and contact information, so it only needs to be collected once.

A CRM can be expensive, but many organizations offer grants to cover the cost of obtaining one.  Check out the link below for a good list of options in any price range.

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