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Know Your Environment

Community-wide information can help you better understand how you fit in a larger context.

Plus You Can:

 - Find and fill gaps in engagement and programming

 - Tell your story within a larger context to funders

 - Know what strategies are working for similar organizations

Arts and Economic Prosperity

Every few years, Americans for the Arts conducts a financial survey of as many nonprofit arts organizations in the country as they can.  They then consolidate that information into one large report.  This year, participating cultural districts, cities, and regions were offered their own reports.  The Houston Area reports can be downloaded below.

You can use these numbers to explain to donors and corporations the direct impact your organization has on the economy.  Americans for the Arts even offers a calculator to find out your impact.

Arts and Economic Prosperity

Houston Arts and Culture Plan

The Houston Arts and Culture Plan defines and explains the cultural and artistic priorities of the city.  This document will help you understand what the city and its funding partners will be focused on moving forward.  It is important that you know where you fit in that context.

You can tailor grant language and programming decisions to the goals and priorities of local leaders.

Data Arts Reports

Most city funders require you to use DataArts to report your financial information.  If you are entering your information accurately you are able to pull Fundraising, Programming, Marketing, and Balance sheet reports that compare you to organizations similar to your own.  Reports can be customized by geography, expenses, and discipline.

Below you will find example reports comparing FreshArts' 2016 survey to six other Support and Advocacy organizations in Houston.

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