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Theatre and Technology

I began this project with two goals in mind.  First, that I would find out what the state and attitude toward technology was in Houston theater and second, that I would expand my own knowledge of my camera and photo editing tools.  What ended up happening was that I learned about myself as an artist.


One of the things that drew me to this project was the idea of using the photography to create a story.  I take pictures as an avocation.  But this project became an opportunity to be an artist for the first time.  I had to learn to allow myself to let go of what the final product would look like and instead let the project form on its own.


After completing all the interviews, I can only come to one conclusion.  The balance between theater and technology is a tenuous one.  As new technologies develop, we have to learn to adapt and recreate age-old strategies for art-making.  This comes with both positives and negatives.  Every one of my subjects referred to, at one point, a dichotomy or a balance between the art and the spectacle.  While no one believes we should go back in time and get rid of the technologies we have amassed, it is important that artists not rely on these advancements to tell the story, but use them only as tools. 


This set of pictures is meant to be experienced in any order, but by clicking on a photograph you can learn about the subject and read their perspective on theater and technology. 

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